Daphne Huguette is an artist/jewellery designer of both Eastern (Indonesian) and Western (Dutch) heritage. She creates the pieces by hand in her home studio located in Brunswick, Melbourne. Inspiration is mostly gathered from the Australian landscape

  • Every Piece is Unique

    Each piece is made to order and individually cast, giving them their own uniqueness. Please allow 21 to 28 business days to finalise a piece for you.

  • Handmade in Naarm//Melbourne

    Each piece is designed and made in Naarm//Melbourne, Australia. First Daphne uses wax to create the the design and then uses a local showroom to cast the rings in recycled sterling silver or either 9k or 18k solid gold. The pieces are then filed and polished in her home studio.

  • Silver/9k/18k yellow gold

    The metals used are recycled solid sterling silver, 9k or 18k yellow gold.

  • Sustainable and Compostable packaging

    Once the order is finalised , the pieces will be packaged in a recycled compostable box and satchel.