Daphne Huguette

Daphne is an artist/jewelry designer of both Eastern (Indonesian) and Western (Dutch) heritage. Traveling frequently throughout her entire life has provided Daphne with the opportunity to meet many beautiful souls, within many different cultures.

Inspired by the interpretation of ancient traditions, music, and tribes (from the Aztecs, Greek, Egyptian Mythology to ancient Tibet) blended with the elegance and inner strength that every woman possesses, has enabled Daphne to create her very own unique artistic style. Taking risks and experimenting with new techniques is every bit of what a day in the life of Daphne is all about.

Exploring beyond current trends and approaching art from a different perspective is a forever ongoing life long practice, which is slowly but surely being expressed through Daphne’s hands via the mediums of paper and metal. Celebrating the romantic idea of perfectly imperfect,  Daphne’s aim is to create jewelry and art that is not only relevant today but to create jewelry and art that will be relevant for generations to come.

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