Daphne is an artist/jewelry designer of both Eastern (Indonesian) and Western (Dutch) heritage. Traveling frequently throughout her entire life has provided Daphne with the opportunity to meet many beautiful souls, within many different cultures.

Daphne designs and makes her creations in her studio in Melbourne where she moved to after living in Amsterdam and Bali. She found her passion in jewellery on Crete island where she saw a big jewellery culture. She loves the idea that jewellery pieces are meant to be given to the next generation.

Daphne works in her Melbourne studio and all her creations are inspired by nature, stories, and her Indonesian background. She appreciates handmade products. She believes that sustainability is essential in every business nowadays. Every piece of jewellery is made to order.

Custom Made

Everything is made to order. Please allow one to two weeks to get a piece done for you

Handmade in Melbourne

Everything is designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. She uses wax to create her pieces, she goes to a local casting showroom in Melbourne to get her pieces cast in recycled sterling silver. Once everything is filed and polished in her studio, she goes to a local experienced gold plater.

Recycled Metals

Everything is made from recycled silver and gold.

Sustainable and Compostable packaging

Once everything is good to go, the pieces will be prepared in a recycled compostable box. Daphne works with Australian packaging suppliers that have sustainability as their core value.